Hauling Your Crew or Heavy Material Made Easier with the RTV-X Series

Oct 9, 2020

At Kubota, we know what it takes to perform in the most demanding of places – the construction worksite – where the work gets steel-toed tough on the daily. This is where the Kubota’s RTV-X Series does its best work from hauling crews to concrete. After all, you don’t become North America’s best-selling utility vehicle without a reputation for reliable performance.

And, with more construction managers looking to use RTVs on the jobsite, Kubota continues to deliver a wide range of versatile options for heavy lifting and transporting material, all built with durable features specifically designed for the commercial customer and daily heavy-duty work in mind.

In case you don’t know them, Kubota makes two mid-sized units, the 400Ci and the 500, four diesel-powered full-sized vehicles, the X900, X1120, X1100C, and the X1140, as well as the full-sized, gas-powered XG850 Sidekick. This extensive range has been specifically designed to perform in commercial use, and is renowned for its high quality, durability and reliability, all critically important for commercial applications.

RTV-X1140: Crew Hauler or Mighty Material Maneuverability

Kubota RTVs’ maneuverability allows them to be used in construction projects of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re working on new construction, urban restoration, a park or a public space. Tight spaces aren’t an obstacle. Whatever you need to move, push, pull, tote or dump, we’ve got you covered.

Meet a company in Sandersville, Georgia, that relies on Kubota power and performance every day. Here’s an industrial setting that really shows Kubota muscle. Southeastern Performance Minerals, LLC, operates a state-of-the-art muscovite mica processing facility to separate mica from the sedimentary deposits of clay, sand and mica deposited in their region millions of years ago. The company also grinds muscovite mica into high-purity, high aspect-ratio, low bulk density mica products for a variety of markets, from paint to cosmetics and adhesives. They have materials to move, and a lot of it.

Here’s what Paul Coughlin and David Avant, SPM Partners, has to say about their Kubota RTV-X1140:

“For us, the reason we looked at the X1140 is that the sites that we operate on are industrial sites or mining operations, we’re off road or in the pits. When we get a lot of rain or a lot of weather, we need the power and the 4-wheel drive that the 1140 and the 500 offers us.”

“We looked at a lot of other products that are on the market today, the fit and the finish in terms of the strength of those units, again, we’re an industrial kind of operation so our guys are kind of hard on our equipment.”

“The big thing that I’ve found with my Kubota and my local Kubota dealer is the service. If I have a problem or we need a part, it’s a phone call. One of the dealers will have that part in inventory for any of the individual pieces of equipment we have.”

For more of their story here.

RTV-X1120: Loaded with Power and Performance 

Enter the Kubota’s RTV-X1120, a best-seller for Kubota and you can understand why – it combines Kubota quality with enhanced power, torque and performance. Kubota-built and all-terrain proven, the 24.8-hp., 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine has a well-earned reputation for providing extra acceleration. The engine and VHT-X transmission provide a top speed of 29 mph, as well as plenty of hill-climbing power. Designed for reducing operator fatigue during long workdays, the RTV-X1120 features adjustable ergonomically designed 60:40 split bench seats, digital dashboard display, power steering, easily accessible parking brake and large under-seat storage compartments. 

Kubota offers competitive commercial financing, and all products are backed by Kubota’s national dealer service support network, to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. Each model provides impressive power in a variety of applications, even if that’s just hauling your crew.

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